I have reached 500 followers – Straight to the history books from here

Well what can I say? I’ve thanked all of you kind people when I reached the 200+ (just over 1 minute ago). But it seems I can’t thank you enough (so clichéd, I know).

But truth be told, I’m very grateful for all your support – no matter how little it is.

“Oh dear!” I hear you complain.

Anyway, thank you once again to all you followers on subscribers, and especially those individuals who come here week after week (or occasionally) and press that little “Like” button, or simply comment on a particular post.

It really means a lot to me and I try as much as possible to reply to each response.

I hope you’ll enjoy my future posts and please keep up your wonderful interaction with this blog. Also, remember to help spread the word!

Now, when shall we reach a 1000?