Bloggers using “PhD” or “Dr” credentials to boost status as bloggers are the biggest trolls on the Internet

Bloggers who use titles like Dr or PhD to boost their status as bloggers are the biggest trolls on the Internet. I’m not calling them narcissists. The really vulgar  ones will have “Dr” in their blog name, gravatar profile and mentioned several times on their “about” page. In case you’re blind, they’ll add the “Dr” to sign off every single post.

Some of them embarrass themselves. They can barely spell or write in full sentences. These boastful types are unpleasant operators who use the letters Dr or PhD to force readers (note – followers, since they’re shepherding by default) to ignore the nonsense they post on their blogs.

Come on, now. Have you ever read anything interesting on a blog authored by Dr Troll Blogger, PhD? Right? They have unimpressive day jobs, which they refuse to tell you about, claiming that they need privacy (note how they’re always blasting their full names with the PhD/Dr but won’t tell you where they work). So, do not be too impressed by their declarations of implied superiority.

Again, most of what they publish on their blogs have nothing to do with their degrees. And it’s usually tripe. Readers feel reluctant to challenge someone who claims to have a fancy degree. We mistakenly believe they’re smart and powerful. We also tend to believe people when they tell us they have a doctorate or PhD.

Instead of being intimidated by Dr Troll Blogger’s PhD, ask whether this person’s degrees are real. Ask for proof. Then ask if the PhD or Dr credentials are related to anything they’re publishing on their blogs.

I’m sure that most of you know that for the price of $365 or so, you can buy yourself a shiny new fake degree certificate with the name of a real university. There are many knock-off degree websites on the Internet. I hope you get one, too, and whip it out whenever you are trolled by one of these Phds. Here are some sites that offer that service.

  1. Instant Degrees 
  2. Original Degree 
  3. Diploma Company 
  4. University Degree Education

Again, it is very easy to purchase fake credentials, using a fake name with a disposable credit card, if you were so inclined.

One status obsessed hag calls herself “Dr Hag Troll” when she introduces herself. Then she begs you to not be so formal. Like, don’t call her Dr Hag because she’s cool and one of the little people. She also uses a photo of her heavy bosom, complete with cleavage partitioning, in her Gravatar profile, to distract readers from the fact that she’s a shit writer.