Doctor of Engineering? Ph(inally) D(one)!

I have a PhD in engineering!!! Actually, that’s my law degree from the University of Miami. My uncle gave me a job in his shipping company last month but he said I could get a promotion if I got a degree.

So, I got three – a PhD in engineering, an MBA and a law degree. They cost about $1,600 total but my uncle said he would fund my education. He gave me an interest free loan, so I’m going to do sixteen monthly payments of $100 to pay him back.

I asked my brother to help me get my degrees and we went shopping on Google and Craigslist. One guy from Miami was really poor after paying $100,000 for his law degree. But he said I could buy this copy and print it out for $700. That was a great deal. After that, my brother said I should buy an MBA, too. He bought me some books on Amazon that tell you what MBA people study at school, so I can sound smart. That set me back only $405! Not bad, because lots of really cool moguls have MBAs.

Now that I’m an attorney, my uncle can make me a company director. Yay, me!!!