Stop saying “Thank You My Followers” and say something meaningful instead

Do you realize that it’s kind of rude to visit someone’s blog to leave a self serving message about how awesome your blog is? Do you know that it’s irritating to see a load of “Thank you to my followers” posts in your Reader at once? Do you realize that if you have only thank you for follows posts in your feed, this may cause people to block or unfollow you?

Yes, actually. It is irritating when people publish meaningless thank you posts on their blogs. When saying thank you becomes self-serving, that is saying it too much. And when using automated badges and stats screengrabs from your stats page to thank readers, that is definitely going overboard.

Do you ever open Reader and see something like this?

Yeah have one 1 new follower

Yay I have 20 posts on my blog

Congrats to me I have 3 likes

Wow I’m awesome I have 5 followers

Thanks to all of you for 50 follows

Have you ever opened notifications to see a string of these comments?

Thanks for following my blog.

Thanks for liking my post.

Thanks for following my blog.

Thanks for liking my post.

Thanks for following my blog.

Thanks for liking my post.

Thanks for the follow.

Thanks for the like!

How to thank new followers –

  1. Visit their blogs. If you don’t want to follow them back, I’m sure they’ll be fine with that. Writing a lame “thanks for the follow” is insulting.
  2. Comment on a post, using more than one word.
  3. Answer their comments if they leave any.
  4. Share something that you find interesting from their blog.


Rachel Thompson from Bad Redhead Media says, about this issue on Twitter,

My overall thought: when all you do is say THANK YOU FOR THE RT or THANK YOU FOR THE FOLLOW, you are diluting all the hard work you’ve put into creating your branded presence.

Exactly. It brings down the quality of your work. It also seems like you don’t care what anyone else has to say. Ian Anderson Gray has an interesting article entitled, Stop Saying Thank You on Social Media & Say Something Meaningful! I thought I was the only person who found this excessive preening by proxy annoying. However, while preparing this post, a Google search turned up a lot of interesting articles on the subject. They are based on social media feeds clogged with “Thanks for the follow.”