Be ambitious – not thirsty

Wanna be famous? Offer value to your readers. That’s ambition. Pardon the expression, but it occurs to me why a “bunch of wannabes” are here publishing boring posts in order to rub their fancy credentials in our faces, day after day. They all thirst to be famous. I have no issues with that. Have at it.

If you have nothing else to say, no-one is going to land on a blog that exists only to advertise the master’s and PhDs for the 11 millionteenth time and say, here, “We’ll give you a break.”

Bloggers who have gone viral have said something that people connect with from the heart. People don’t care how many degrees you have. Your PhD won’t cure breast cancer and your postdoc grant doesn’t help people on welfare. You can’t feed a child with a Master’s.

People care about how they feel. They want to feel okay about life as it is. They want to feel good about themselves. Your degree boasting is saying to people, in a subtle way, “Hello reader, you didn’t make the most of what life gave to you; your opinion has no value and you’re a sore underachiever.”

The mainstream media is only interested in reporting trends on social media. If a post goes viral, you’ll get an interview and soon will arrive the book and endorsement deals. Because these companies want money. Money comes after millions of eyeballs hit their sites. Journalists, editors, assistants and pool boys have to be paid. That is the bottom line. Mortgages don’t get paid while you’re grinning from ear to ear about being a “doctor.”

If you all you say, every post is literally, “I am in grad school” or “I graduated with a Masters/PhD and I made toast this morning,” don’t be surprised that no-one cares to read your blog.