Why Pick Me?

It’s hard to make a point by complaining over and over again so I thought about doing a full demonstration. The only way of expressing how obnoxious it is to advertise like and follow counts in blog posts, or use your academic title in your blog name, is to create a blog with what annoys me as content.


My aim for this blog is to encourage people to use social media to become more sensitive and considerate neighbours, if not friends. By the end of the second day of this blog, I was bored to tears. I don’t know how some of you do it, showing off about the same exact thing every single post.

Even I am tired of staring at double G cups every time I scroll through my blog posts. Don’t you have an “I’m boring the shit out of people so I should say something else” switch in your brain?

At the end of day three, it occurred to me that I might have better luck mirroring your obnoxious behavior through satire. This blog’s posts mirror what my Reader looks like on weekends. Do you find the content obnoxious, inappropriate and over the top? Well, that’s exactly how you come across. I am constantly having to shred that jumped up drivel and look for new content.

I hate it when people leave comments like, “Hello, thanks for following along my [awesome blog].” Follow along. I’m not a duck or a swan. These types of people are always having a go at Donald Trump, not realising that they’re just as raucous.


WordPress notifications are created from code. The badges with the number are meant to encourage you to keep blogging so they can dump advertising on your blogs. I don’t understand why bloggers publish their like, follow and hit counts after paying for an advertisement-free site. Also ridiculous is when people with PhDs leave their homes with their name tags on. But please keep posting copies of your degree certificates online. Someone with a great personality is going to photoshop it and get a fancy job clean and clear.

About me:
INTJ and extremely introverted. I don’t like answering the phone. I find overly talkative people extremely irritating. I do not derive sexual pleasure from talking about myself. I believe that most people are good, until they get some academic qualifications, in which case, they act like idiots. In this world, we are taught to be tolerant of others but that gives ignorant, vulgar braggarts more room to set a bad example.

October 13, 2016